Care when & where you need it most.

Human services extended by artificial intelligence.

Each day is an opportunity to live better. Health is a combination of behavioral, emotional, mental, physical, and social factors. Where one is strengthened, the others are also strengthened. We’re with you when you need us—even when we physically can’t be.

Behavioral health conditions are common.
What we do isn’t.

Nearly half of us will experience a behavioral or mental health condition at some point. The challenge is how to be there for those who are dealing with one. First, our specialists deliver telehealth sessions with participants. Then, our Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant Karla provides available support exactly when it’s needed, every hour of every day.

Our Approach

It starts with caring.

Above all, our specialists care. They create relationships of trust with our participants. This is the foundation of everything we do. The technological element—Karla—is an important extension of our human care.

See how our Karla app extends human services beyond the session.

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The synchronous solution

In a nutshell, this is how we work


Participants answer questions that help us understand their struggles and goals.


Participants choose which Specialist they’d like to work with based on their preferences.


Next, we connect people to the right care in the right amount, whether it’s a weekly therapy session or a treatment that’s more customized.


The process continues as we measure the effectiveness of each interaction and intervention and continually refine our service.

The right amount of support,
at the right time.


Our nationwide team of specialists includes licensed providers and certified coaches who are trained in empathetic care and using technology to extend their work to drive positive outcomes.

Our virtual assistant, Karla

Karla was designed to assist specialists by extending the therapeutic experience to the exact moment our participants need support.


Individuals who participate in our programs meet regularly their specialist and interact with Karla between sessions.