The problem:
U.S. adults’ mental health is suffering.

The percentage of adults in the United States who are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health is far from ideal. Today that number stands at only 17 percent.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough mental health providers.

Nationally, there is only one health provider for every 198 people who need mental health services. And, depending on where you live, there’s a decent chance that accessing a provider will be difficult. In 55 percent of US counties, there are no psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers.

And even when providers are accessible, costs can be prohibitive.

Of course, insurance can help with costs. But deductibles and out-of-pocket costs can still add up to thousands of dollars. And this is to say nothing of the time mental health appointments take.

The Synchronous Solution

Our unique approach makes mental health services more effective, accessible and even affordable. We do it through the marriage of technology and human compassion, which enables us to extend support beyond therapy sessions.

In turn, we’re able to streamline the care process, reducing administrative burden and enabling our specialists to focus more on the actual care. And we focus on prevention and early intervention, delivering care in the exact moment it’s needed.

Our process works like this:


We evaluate people for behavioral health conditions, including depression. Part of the screening process is looking at data collected from participants’ smart phones.


Next, we connect people to the right care in the right amount, whether it’s a weekly hour of therapy or a treatment that’s more customized.


Third, we provide real-time insights through our proprietary software and deliver support in the moment it’s helpful. This is crucial, because it eliminates the wait time between therapy sessions.


The process continues as we measure the effectiveness of each interaction and intervention and continually refine our service.