Reinventing Behavioral Health Care. 

 Scaling HUMAN COMPASSION through technology

The Dilemma

Half of all people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. When they need help, it can be hard to find due to a severe shortage of mental health providers. When they receive help, they might see their provider for one hour a week in traditional outpatient therapy. But what about the remaining 167 hours in the week? Those are the moments that are tough, triggering the behaviors and emotional responses that people go to counseling to change. 


Extending Care

At Synchronous Health, we have developed a method of supporting people in the exact moment they need it most. Our technology uses Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics to identify patterns of behavior, allowing us to predict when a client will need support. We also use Artificial Intelligence to collect additional data about the client's current experience as well as deliver interventions in the moment they are needed, rather than at the time of the next scheduled appointment. These technological interventions are guided and written by our human workforce of counselors and clinicians. 



Support, in the right amount, at the right time.

How We Do IT




We offer coaches to those who need some extra support but don't need therapy.


Karla was designed to assist coaches and clinicians by extending the therapeutic experience our clients need.



We have a network of clinicians who are independently licensed across the country.


Time management wasn't the problem.

Hover over the image below to read about Kim's case study.


Karla™ engages Kim in exercises to manage her fear of thunderstorms before she is triggered. Karla™ shares the results with Janice for future sessions. Kim realizes that the problem wasn't time management, but past negative experiences. Kim receives the support she needs in the moment she needs it.

Time Management

Kim was tired of being late everywhere she went. Apps didn't help. Scheduling travel time didn't help. Setting her clock ahead didn't help.

Therapeutic Extender

Janice helps Kim resolve the past trauma by resolving the fear for safety during storms and teaching Kim skills to use during thunderstorms. Janice programs Karla™ to use Kim's weather app so when a thunderstorm is predicted Karla™ pushes a reminder to use the skills and techniques they have practiced in session.

Coach & Clinician

Brian is Kim's Coach. Brian notices a correlation between being late and thunderstorms. Kim answers a few questions and it is determined that she has some residual effects from a car accident she was in years ago. Kim agrees to speak with a counselor named Janice who specializes in past trauma.