Behavioral Health Care at Scale


Heal in place

We help keep your members where they want to be; in the community. Outpatient therapy is appropriate for the majority of behavioral health conditions, even chronic ones. Synchronous Health delivers therapy and support that increases their abiity to heal in place. Synchronous Health's services are appropriate for mild, moderate, and some severe behavioral health conditions. Our programs prevent unnecessary office or emergency visits. The wrong level of care can be more harmful than no care at all. Synchronous Health helps to steer your members to the right level of care (outpatient or higher when indicated), from the right provider, at the right time and in the right place. Helping your members access the care they need at the time they need it saves money and improves lives.

Triple crown network of providers

The primary predictor of whether or not someone's behavioral health condition improves is the relationship they have with their provider. The therapeutic alliance is paramount among all other indicators. It determines whether or not participants attend their sessions, take their medications, and adhere to their treatment plans. We've operationalized the relationship into empathy. The first thing we do with our clinicians is screen them for the right amount of empathy - too little and the relationship suffers, too much and there's a decrease in fidelity to treatment models. We provide ongoing training and consultation on maintaining and strengthening the therapeutic alliance in interpersonal and digital interactions.

Continuity of care

With all the fragmentation in the health care system it can be difficult to maintain continuity of care among providers. As part of your network we support the critical linkage to resources within the health plan. As we address behavioral health conditions, we often come across physical health concerns. Additionally, in times where a higher level of behavioral health care is needed we can help coordinate care within the resources of the member's health plan. Helping your members access the resources available to them through their plan protect their health and wellbeing and simultaneously protect their financial stability by utilizing in-network resources. When in-network resources are unavailable to meet the need we will find the care they need.