Is this really for me?

One of the most common barriers to getting help when needed is feeling like "I shouldn't need help for this. I should be able manage on my own."

It's often said that the hardest part of getting help is the first phone call or email. It's an admission that something is wrong. Why do we feel that way about mental and behavioral health, but not about the dentist?

Everyone has teeth, so going to the dentist is just the responsible thing to do. It doesn't indicate to anyone that something is wrong with your teeth just because you went to the dentist. With mental or behavioral health we have historically thought that needing help is weak. In reality, getting help is strength.

You are a better partner, parent, friend, employee, person when you are living your best life.

You need a flu shot from the pharmacist to stay healthy in the winter. You might need some perspective or skills to help stay emotionally healthy in any given season of life.

At this time, we are only available through your employer or insurance carrier. We'll let you know as soon as we're available for you to download and use independently.

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