Your expertise + Karla

Back of House

We need a team of people working behind the scenes to enable our coaches and clinicians to do their work. From sales to data science, from account management to billing, we are building a team to meet the needs of our customers. 


Front of House

Our Coaches and Clinicians are the face of the company, those with whom our clients interact. Synchronous Health exists so that more people can get the care provided by our coaches and clinicians. These roles are integral to our success as a company. 




Fewer than half of Americans who need treatment receive it.




Ops Team 

Approximately 80% of waking hours are spent at work. Do something you love, work with people you like. 

Synchronous Health is hiring the best talent and empowering them to do their best work. 

Our account managers care as much about the outcomes of our clients as do our coaches and clinicians. Our sales team is selling a product they trust and believe in. Our partners value our work and hold us accountable to high standards because they know we can do better than what is currently on the market for people in need of behavioral health support. 


Clinical Team 

Our network of independently licensed clinicians and certified coaches stretches across the country allowing us to offer care to the millions of people who need it but who do not currently have access to behavioral health services. 

Our clinicians and coaches set their own hours and determine how many clients they want to serve. Synchronous Health qualifies and credentials each of our clinicians and coaches and offers ongoing continuing education. We stand by our promise to deliver only the highest quality treatment to those we serve. 


One can't work without the others.

Karla gathers clinically relevant Life Context© information about how clients are doing outside of sessions. The relationship between a client and clinician or coach is a sacred one. If a counselor tells a client she can be more helpful by using the client's data captured on his phone, he is likely to give the needed permissions to gather the data. Most people want to get better and are willing to do what is recommended in order to reach their goals. Whether it's improve their marriage, reduce road rage, address addictions, or any other outcome they seek counseling for, Life Context© data can help get them there faster.

Headquarters will generate clients, but you can still bring your own on board. Headquarters will also handle all the billing. You can simply do the clinical work you get licensed or certified to do and let our Headquarters team do the rest. Karla is built and maintained a by Headquarters team as well.