Our Application Process


We use the same Synchronous Health System with our applicants that we use with our Participants. And just like for our Participants, we gather as much data as we can with your permission to save you the time of entering information. What we can't gather in the background, we've made into fun, interesting tasks that you'll enjoy working through. 

First we SCREEN each applicant to see what positions they are qualified for, what positions they want to do, and if there is a discrepancy between those two, what is the roadmap to bridge that gap. 

Next we MATCH the applicants with internal team profiles and external Participant or Customer profiles to see who they would work best with. The relationship is the most important factor in whether someone reaches their goals and it's the primary driver of job satisfaction. We want to get those things right. 

Then we ENGAGE the applicant in our methodologies and processes. We've determined that we can give you the position and environment you want, but now we need to see if you'll thrive in the Human + Digital environment we all work in. 

Lastly, we MEASURE how well you incorporate all that we platform does with the job duties of the position you have applied for. We'll have some case scenarios, quizzes and other practice challenges to see how well you can navigate the platform. 






Whether you are a Specialist, a Billing Specialist, a Developer or any other team member, you have special skills and talents that make you best suited to do specific work. Answer these few questions for us so we can see what you are already qualified for, as well as where you would like to grow for the future.


Having a good match between client and clinician is the single most important indicator of success for the client. We use a matching algorithm that will help ensure the right fit from the beginning by using personality assessments on both ends of the therapeutic relationship.



We want to know that we do works. We are experimenting with some new structures and processes, but start with a foundation of tried and true techniques. Here you’ll learn about our standards of care, the processes we adhere to and our areas of clinical exploration and innovation.


Practically speaking, we want our software to be easy to use so that you can do what you got into the helping field to do…help people. This quick tutorial will walk you through the software and show you the features that will save you time and allow you to earn more money because you’ll be able to help more people.