Privacy by Design, not Convenience

It seems like the conversation about privacy continues to pick up speed as we encounter yet another massive data breach. This time it's Facebook and its relationship with Cambridge Analytica. The concern is widespread enough that Mark Zuckerburg is finally testifying before congress about the roles and responsibilities firms like Facebook have in protecting the privacy of their users. But this breach is just the latest in a long line of companies making headlines for their security practices, or lack thereof. 

At Synchronous Health, we founded our company on the belief that our participants should be at the heart of every decision we make, including how we use - and don't use - their data. 

In partnership with Health:Further, Guy Barnard wrote an article on Private by Design. It might be less convenient for us, but we're here to serve our participants, which includes being good stewards of their privacy. 

Check out his Health:Further blog post here. Be part of the conversation and leave a comment with your experiences or views directly on the Health:Further blog site.