Technology allows us to be capable of things we never thought possible. But sometimes when we create something new, it can seem like the old ways of doing things are useless. At Synchronous Health we respect tradition and use lessons from the past to inform innovation for the future. We use our technology to enhance the human experience, rather than replace or interrupt it. Humans have known for thousands of years that happiness and fulfillment come through connection with other humans. While many technologies have sought to bring us humans together, some have had unintended consequences of driving a wedge between people who are sitting right across the table from each other. This is proven every night. Whether it's the family dinner table, a date in a restaurant or dinner with friends. At some point, someone at each of those tables picks up a phone to check in with people who aren't at the table, creating a barrier between those at the table. This simply means we have further to go in developing innovative technologies that reach the goal of connecting people to each other, but without the unintended consequences of the distancing those who are in the same room.

Our technology allows us to change the way we deliver care, increase the richness of information we use to best help someone and the reduce the administrative tasks for our Specialists. But that's not enough for us. We are also innovating the doses of care. A 30 minute session is just as helpful as a 50 minute session. So what about 10 minute sessions throughout the week? The most important predictor of improvement is the empathy of the Specialist, but how do we measure and match the needs of the person being helped to the right Specialist? We are exploring everything about the way we have approached mental health, behavioral health, brain health, self help so that we can find what really works best. But while we are challenging the status quo, we respect and abide by evidence supported and best practices. This is a difficult balance to strike, but one that we find important enough to find.

We started with the goal of helping people in more effective ways and improving the quality of their lives. We then realized that we can also improve the quality of life for our own employees and partners. Our system allows for our Specialists to do what they got into the health care field to do, help people. They can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what they do best.