The hardest job you’ll ever love.

Educating is an intensely personal job that can drain your batteries faster than many other jobs.

Teachers are passionate. They care deeply. And sometimes it’s difficult to separate and manage the feelings that come with that passion. It’s common for teachers to feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Many suffer in silence, either not knowing about or feeling hesitant to connect with support.

MNPS wants to break the cycle of silence, and encourage you to access support that boosts how you feel and engage with your work.

Connect with Karla®

We designed Connect with Karla® after reviewing and synthesizing national and local data on the stresses of working in public education. We conducted surveys and focus groups with MNPS teachers to evaluate how the national trends match what you experience every day. The results were fascinating, and were well aligned with our approach to care.

As we move toward standardization, automation, and efficiency in health care, education, and any other profession where humans are taking care of humans, we have to take special consideration to preserve and protect the human relationships that actually drive the results we are looking for. The number one predictor of outcomes in behavioral health is the relationship between the counselor and client. Similarly, the most important factor for teachers from the national data, surveys, and focus groups was the relationships with students, co-workers, and administrators.

Connect with Karla® will help you develop those relationships through managing stress, anxiety, depression, or any other emotional burden you are carrying. When stresses aren’t managed, they take over, come out sideways, and can negatively impact your relationships, job satisfaction, and quality of life. We help you right-size problems and responses to them. You will feel in control of how you manage and respond to the challenges we all face in life.

Meet Karla®

Karla®, our bot, is always there to lend support in the moment you need it, not just at the time of the next available appointment. The skills you will learn are only helpful when you use them at the right time and place. Karla® can send you those skills to use based on where you are, what time it is, and how you’re feeling. Practicing the skills in the moments they are needed helps you integrate them into your life more quickly and effectively. This is why we say that Karla® extends the support of a human to the moment you need it. Without Karla® you’d just have to remember to use the skills in those stressful moments. Now Karla® can coach you and help you practice new skills, even if you are in the heat of the moment and forget.

Meet our Specialists

Our Specialists are behavioral health clinicians, licensed counselors and therapists. They are empathetic and supportive, helping you tap into your motivation and providing accountability to reach your goals. Whether you just need an objective perspective from an outsider or you have some deeply personal work to do, our human Specialists are here to help. Sessions are delivered through telehealth, making scheduling convenient for you and saving, on average, 2 hours of your time. With telehealth you don’t have to stop what you’er doing, drive to the office, wait for your session to begin, drive back home or to work and get back to your day. Nor do you have to arrange childcare or burn the gas. Our Specialists are eager to work with you!

No Cost to You

Certificated employees on the MNPS Cigna Health Plan can participate in Connect with Karla® at no cost to you.

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