Meet Karla

Karla is an instantly accessible, personal bot that serves as the interface for Synchronous Health. As a kind of data scientist, she manages, provides, and offers data to a user. As a liaison to a licensed professional, she extends the therapy experience between visits. She does not pretend to substitute for human compassion but helps scale it authentically.

How does she work exactly?


She gathers objective data frictionlessly, through voice, cloud, mobile, desktop, and environment analytics.


Karla® is always there. No need to open an app or unlock the phone. Users can talk to Karla® whenever they want to with maximum ease and convenience. 


She learns and adapts, accruing knowledge and insights for manageable, sustained improvements.


She uses that information to help users by engaging them in conversation. 


Karla® provides feedback at the right time and place. Users won’t be interrupted during meetings or when driving. However, whenever Users are able to safely interact, Karla® is available.


She is able to translate that data into actionable information.