Live the Life of Your Design


Assessments & Data

The first step in designing your personalized program is to understand where you are today. We have a number of assessments that are all rooted in evidence-supported surveys and help us establish a baseline for how you experience life and its challenges. Once you begin your care plan your Specialist continues to use data to evaluate your progress. The data we use includes:

  • readministering surveys to see if there is change
  • session attendance
  • Karla® encounters when support is delivered between sessions
  • asking you if your quality of life has changed in particular ways

This data-driven approach allows your Specialist to tailor your care so it precisely meets your needs. This is how we help you get better faster and stay better longer.

Coaching & Licensed Counseling

Synchronous Health staffs certified coaches and licensed counselors that specialize in beahvioral health care. We screen all of our Specialists for empathy, looking for the right amount. Not enough empathy can result in having a hard time feeling connected and trusting your Specialist; too much empathy can result in a lack of accountability and progress towards your goals. We match Participants and Specialists based on a few key variables:

  • the state the Participant lives in matched with the states the Specialist is licensed in
  • the needs of the Participant matched with the Specialist's areas of expertise
  • the therapeutic approach of the Specialist matched with the personality style of the Participant
  • the Participant's schedule with the Specialist's availability

Once matched with a Specialist, our Participants work exclusively with that Specialist to develop a relationship and continuity of care. Changes can be made to the Specialist assignment if the Participant's needs are not being met due to availability, expertise, or interpersonal connection.


Karla®'s Between-Session Support

None of us knows exactly when or where we'll be when we need the support of our counselor to use the skills learned in session. We plan the best we can - what are your triggers? Where will you be when this skill would be helpful? What time of day is best to practice this skill? And yet, with all that planning participants still have said "I needed more help in that moment." Enter Karla®.

Your counselor tells Karla® where, when and how to support you. Your session might have been days or weeks ago. You might forget to practice different ways of responding to situations or behaviors that will help you achieve your quality of life goals. Karla® will remind you at meaningful times.