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Reduce Costs

The beahvioral health and wellbeing of your employees is critical to the success of your company. Approximately 20% of your workforce expereiences a behavioral health condition each year. The cost of behavioral health conditions is significant; increasing the total cost of care by 2.5-4x. Depression is the number one cause of disability in the US. We spend about 1/3 of our lives at work, so employers have the most ability to impact behavioral health and access to serivces. They also have the most to gain from contirbuting to improving behavioral health. Providing comprehensive beahvioral health support in a platform that is accessible at the time and place your team needs it will help your company perform at its very best.

Increase Productivity

Employees with depression miss about twice as much work as those without depression. Presenteeism costs an estimated average of $5,524 per employee with depression. Employees with behavioral health conditions struggle with managing their responsibilities and completing their tasks. Equally as important, customer service and interpersonal interactions suffer considerably. So, not only does work not get done but harm is done to existing businness relationships and processes. In some organizations the risk of low productivity is catastrauphic, such as medical errors and financial liabilities. Today's economy requires and enaged, resilient, and innovative workforce. A workforce with strong, positive behavioral health is just that.

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Increase Retention

Turnover is expensive. Recruiting, hiring, and training new employees is a drag on your organization. Turnover has also been linked in behavioral health. Your bottom line improves when your workforce has a positive behavioral health status, can respond to the needs of the organization and it's stakeholders, and can glide through work-related challenges with the experience and skills required to meet your organization's goals. Our team provides consulting to your organization to understand the nature of your employees' experiences and where the biggest impact can be made.

Case Study: A local school system has high turnover and their data links it to stress, anxiety, and depression. We scoured the national data on teacher experiences and solutions. Then used participant-centered design practices to understand how the body of evidence relates to the experience of your organization. This guides the programs we develop and ensures that we are delivering services that your workforce will engage with and achieve the desired outcomes.